Put your best foot forward and win awards. Misery loves company – team morale often takes a beating but it’s not too late to prevent a mass mutiny. Get the team to work together and win more awards!



As a Starting Customer Conversations Specialist helping businesses achieve better business development, I am often surprised by the amount of organisations that don’t exploit opportunities to shine. Don’t make being time poor a poor excuse – winning industry accolades when others are not makes, perfect business sense.

Receiving an award can be a game changer for your business – and yourself – in the most unexpected ways. My tip is to just do it – but if you don’t believe me … here are some more reasons why you should.

1. It forces you to measure your progress.

This forces you take a good hard look at your business and, in some cases, compare your achievements from year to year. I know some businesses never bother to do this. You may be surprised by the results.

2. Recognition and motivation

Apart from the warm fuzzy glow, you might get, think of what it could do for your team members. They are being recognised for their contribution to the success of your organisation. They get to be part of a winning team – what a great motivating feeling!

3. It’s great publicity.

When you win awards, this is media-worthy news and you can get coverage in everything from print to social media. That’s great exposure for your business that money can’t buy. It will help you get more business.

4. It builds credibility.

Winning awards is not just about the kudos. It’s about building your credibility. It makes you feel good and everyone else around you. You become part of the history books and have something new to add to your Resume.

5. You get to dress up and have a fun night out.

Sure the awards evening ain’t the Oscars – and Billy Crystal isn’t likely to be the MC – but it’s typically a fun night out with your peers. It also gives you a chance to mingle with some inspiring new people. It does not get much better!

6. My tips on how to enter

It’s pretty simple: make yourself sit down and do it. Research well the award category and make sure it is a good fit for your business. Will it give you the exposure you want? There is no such thing as over exposure. Coca-Cola will tell you that so will Donald Trump!

Lastly, keep an eye on the prize often there is a BIG CASH incentive or a wonderful opportunity to win something of incredible value … oh that’s good for business too!

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Andrew Clark

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