Salespeople who are great at Opening will tell you they never are Closing! 

A great opening naturally leads to more sales. Stop Closing. In any form of sales if there is no desire there is no sale – it’s that simple! Desire is to wish or long for something. But how do we get our prospects to want it so bad they just have to have it?


One of the best ways is to ask an implication question!

This type of question intensifies need creating desire and naturally becomes a closing opportunity. Sometimes, if we probe too deep we can actually cause a disturbance which might result in the prospect losing sleep. But that could be a good thing. I’m not suggesting manipulation or dishonesty but sometimes you need to tell people not what they want to hear but what they need to hear. A solution to their problem can be difficult to initially swallow but with the right conversation and education, the prospect will eventually get used to the idea.

Here are my suggested top questions which will create urgency and give you a better opportunity to do some closing by simply understanding your customer needs. This is your discovery phase and without this, you won’t get that sale. Here goes:

  1. How important is it that you solve this problem and what’s the timeframe?
  2. What are the consequences if you do nothing – cost per day?
  3. How do you assess value?
  4. What are the major challenges you are addressing at the moment?
  5. Who else is involved in your decision-making process?
  6. Why do you want this so much?
  7. Help me understand better?
  8. Tell me in order of 1-3 your priorities over the next 6-12 months?

Pick and choose the questions that best suit the situation then write down your prospect’s reply to the question exactly in their words. If cost is discussed ask specifically for dollar value. This will be useful for your follow up email/proposal where you will sprinkle exactly their words again and offer your solution. It shows you were listening to them and really care – this builds trust. Often the issues raised by your prospect become objections so this way you beat them to the punch. Armed with many reasons why you know your solution is the cure to their problem you continue the conversation in a highly confident and persuasive manner.

Your question will normally be followed by a question from them and you will reply, “That’s a good question and I’m glad that you have brought it up.” In the few split seconds, it takes you to say that you have thought of your reply. The goal of this process is to build a bridge where they feel safe to cross the bridge with you. Hence, once you have that trust established and safety is no longer an issue you have created desire and the sale will eventually follow. Consequently, you never really were closing it happened more organically the sale.

In summary, as a result, listen first to understand better. The most important thing in sales is to get the prospect speaking, unpacking their challenges and giving the salesperson “triggers” to act on… an opportunity to fit into their world with their solution. The implication question has a lot of impact if asked in a caring and understanding tone. When you go to the Doctor, doesn’t he or she ask first, “How can I help you?” and then writes a prescription? Never assume you know the answer. This can be a big mistake. The more you fully understand your customer and their situation the more you can find mutual purpose where it is a win/win situation for both parties.


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