Outbound callsYour salespeople can have the best sales strategies but if they can’t open a door with their outbound calls to start conversations they may just go broke.

Like never before with the avalanche of daily disruptions salespeople are required to have really good soft skills. One of those soft skills is making outbound calls to cold, warm and hot leads. Irrespective of your relationship with your prospect, if you call someone without prior notice you are disrupting them.

They maybe a hot lead, but it doesn’t mean they will respond warmly when you call. How well you are received depends upon your ability to hook your listener immediately.

Ultimately, relevance is the key and understanding quickly their needs is paramount. How can you make that disruption more desirable?

Firstly, you need to work on your personal ability. Most people will tell you, the more they practice, the luckier they get. Hard work pays a huge dividend. Deliberate practice requires complete attention and getting into “flow.” If you function on autopilot you can be sure your results won’t satisfy your needs.

Daniel Goleman, renowned, author says, “Full focus gives us a potential doorway into flow”. 

In this state, ideally, the circuits needed for the task at hand are highly active while those irrelevant are quiescent, with the brain precisely attuned to the demands of the moment.

When our brains are in this zone we are more likely to perform at our personal best whatever our pursuit.” I recommend you introduce daily a  Power Hour and avoid multi-tasking. Research has proven multi-tasking is an ineffective method of working.

Set your target to do 10-15 calls REALLY well and complete it in an hour. Then do again 10-15 calls in an hour. Minimum time for MAXIMUM gain. The quality of calls will always trump quantity. The power hour should result in more cash, so don’t waste that precious focused time on doing administration.

Presented below is my Top 10 Cold Calling Myths Demystified in two-minute YouTube videos.

I hope they help you turn walls into open doors! In my opinion, it is always the start of a conversation that is the most tricky.

Generally, people say, I feel great once the conversation has gotten going, the problem is starting. With a strong opening, you don’t even need to close, that’s right, you take the listener on a journey, and they naturally want to join you in whatever you are offering. That’s really the art of being a great opener.

This is the area most people fail at and as a consequence, they often suffer phone reluctance.


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Odile’s top 10 tips in two-minute YouTube videos below 


Click on Watch to view Myth  # 1 Cold Calling is a Numbers Game 



Click on Watch to view Myth # 2 Saying How are you? Is a good opening line to start a client conversation 


Click on Watch to view Myth # 3 Cold Calling is Dead




Click on Watch to view Myth # 4 People who are introverted cannot Cold Call 


Click on Watch to view Myth # 5  The most successful Cold Callers are born, not made 


Click on Watch to view Myth # 6  People hate receiving Cold Calls 

Click on Watch to view Myth #  7  Gatekeepers are your foes 


Click on Watch to view Myth # 8  You can build a business alone just on Cold Calling


  Click on Watch to view Myth # 9 Those who are top of their game no longer need to Cold Call



 Click on Watch to view Myth # 10 Cold Calling can make or break your business


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What is the greatest challenge for any business? … getting new customers.

Relying purely on your existing customer base will not build a business.

The sales net must be thrown much wider by making outbound calls. If you learned something and feel your network would benefit please share this article.

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