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Odile’s competitive Cold Calling Edge

My competitive edge is that I practice every week what I preachFirst of all, until recently I was on an exclusive contract working for management consultants.Most of all, everything I teach I put into practice daily. I am doing it and that’s where the rubber meets the road.

I understand what works and what doesn’t work as I am calling prospects every day and displaying my skills. Other trainers teach the skills but don’t actually do it themselves the cold calling! I feel this is my differentiator in the marketplace.


About Us Cold Calling Edge

As Featured in Real Estate Juice Magazine – April 2016 Edition.
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What do you think are the sales skills a Top Earning Real Estate Agent should possess? Most agents hate this because they feel like they are hustling!


Odile Faludi is a cold calling expert but she hates the words, “cold calling.” Odile says, “It is all about Kick Starting a Client Conversation.” When you have the right mindset the dialogue flows differently.

She is trained in “Crucial Conversations” through Vitalsmarts. They have helped 300 of the Fortune 500 realise significant results using a proven method for driving rapid, sustainable, and measurable change in behaviours.  

Odile Faludi has worked in the not-for-profit, real estate, and the management consultancy space for the last thirteen years. She has a proven track record of opening doors of top-level executives in the ASX 200 list of companies in Australia. With her fearless but friendly approach, she successfully facilitated a small team of management consultancy experts to secure a million dollar plus deal. Furthermore,  because of her proven success, as a result, she has been able to duplicate and repeat this process of entry time and time again. Finally, in addition, her initial entry point is always a cold call. 

Cold Calling Edge Workshops

Odile runs workshops in Australia teaching Business Development Managers, Start-up Entrepreneurs, and Sales teams’ how to initiate client conversations. The program covers lead generation tips, social media and smart conversation starters.

Odile is a passionate freelance writer and her natural love of words freely complements her course. You can contact Odile on +61 425 250 677 or email  to discuss your needs and to book your place in her popular workshops. She will teach you how to have the Cold Calling edge.

Most sales are lost at the beginning of a conversation, not at the end. No conversations no sales. Salespeople who are very strong at opening the conversation never need to close. They take their listener on a journey and the natural result is a sale.

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You can contact Odile Faludi on +61 425 250 677 or email to discuss your needs and to book your place in her popular workshops.

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