Why don’t you tell your sales manager where to go, or where you’re going if they don’t believe Cold Calling Really Works

cold calling really works

Mindfulness expert, Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, says change is like breathing.

To take in a new breath, you have to let go of the old one to make room for the new breath.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Then why are so many professionals desperately holding their breath praying cash will flow into their business by doing the same old thing. Why don’t they take that fresh breath of air and pick up the phone and speak directly with their prospects’.

Lately,  the super salespeople I have been coaching have been telling me they can’t help tell their sales managers where to go; in the nicest way of course. In the same breath, they also brag to their managers where they are going.

They are filled with a new lease of life and excited about what the future holds. It’s evident by the statistics I generate through my live telephone coaching sessions that Cold Calling really works still. Yes, it  does work…  when you know what you are doing.

Recently, I received a phone call from a prominent real estate agent from a trendy Eastern suburb of Sydney. He confessed to me that in the last financial year he had made $1.3 million dollars in commission.

Not bad huh?

My response was, “Then why are you calling me?”

He said because he had noticed over the last six months his business had drastically dropped off. He wasn’t getting so many referrals and had noticed that loyalty had gone out the window. He knew he had to take that fresh breath of air and do something different but he was terrified. He needed to go back to basics and re-train how to discover how cold calling really works.

The thought gave him shivers down his spine and he needed my help.

Shortly after that conversation, I went to his office. As we sat drinking our coffee, he explained to me how he had a real reluctance to make calls to prospects.

He felt he was intruding on their privacy and it was beneath him. After all, for twenty years, he grew his business simply on referrals. But he knew he had to actively make phone calls if his business was to survive against the growing competition.

Other real estate agents in his local area were relentlessly making calls and boasting how they were getting new appraisals daily. He knew it worked for others but had never experienced that phone success in calling strangers.

I witnessed the fear in his eyes, I felt the lump in his throat but we both knew it was the only way forward. We decided we would put aside a day and work out the strategy and purpose behind each individual phone call. We would develop a roadmap so he could make those calls with self-confidence.

We would face and conquer his fears together.

Diligent preparation would be the key. The foundation of his achievements would be heavily reliant upon the quality of his leads. Next step would be to thoroughly prepare prior to making each call, rehearsing repeatedly what he would say and ensuring he would be relevant to the listener.

A huge amount of research into the local property market was necessary.

Taking the time to fully understand what he could offer as a property adviser to his potential customer was of paramount importance. Being a professional, this came naturally and he was very knowledgeable in all aspects. Let’s face it, everyone loves to learn something new especially when it involves one of your largest assets if not your biggest, the family home. 

As we commenced the process of reaching out to his prospects by picking up the phone,  I noticed his hands trembling as he commenced dialling. His voice softened and his severe reliance upon a script left him with a lack of self-assurance. The air in the room was suffocating but we were determined to push on.

As he made the phone calls I noticed he quickly got into a rhythm. Whilst the first one was somewhat awkward by the eighth call, a positive ‘yes to a meeting’ from a qualified prospect was the kick-off to his success. His relaxed friendly smile returned to his face. He had gotten his first appraisal within an hour and so momentum was quick to follow.

His humour appeared and all his strong character traits became evident. He was a real people’s person but it had been camouflaged in his unwillingness to reach out to his prospects and show it.  All that changed as he was now on a roll, the more positive responses he got, the more he wanted to make those once dreaded cold calls. He was becoming addicted to the process and wanted more victory.

He had found the magic of how cold calling really works.

It lies in the sweet spot where perfect practice meets discipline.

In total, my client made 40 calls on that day and he got five appraisals. One in eight calls resulted in an opportunity to do what he does best – to present and market properties effectively, negotiate and close deals for the highest price.  He now knows how to open doors to create even more business and is a true believer that cold calling really works.  

As Fred Devito says, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Fred Devito


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